Welcome to International Journal of Analysis of Basic and Applied Science (IJABAS). It is an international online refereed science and technology journal in English published quarterly by Bharat Publication, New Delhi since 2017.​ ​
​ International Journal of Analysis of Basic and Applied Science (IJABAS) is a journal in the realm of the development of basic and applied science. Each one of us read a number of magazines, newspapers, books, journals etc but every time we come across something new in any of these mentioned forms, we tend to assess the quality and quench for our query. Due to this particular reason, IJABAS pledges not to be just like any other ‘run of the mill’ kind of journal, rather it looks forward to generate, maintain and sustain the quality of the papers and cases that are considered for publication with IJABAS.​ ​
IJABAS seeks to build an excellent rapport and trust with all the contributing figures who too, share the same kind of philosophy that IJABAS thrives in.

Papers for the regular issues of the journal can be submitted, round the year, electronically at After the final acceptance of the paper, based upon the detailed review process, the paper will immediately be published online.

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