Volume 7, Issue 2 Year:2023 Title author Page Download
1 Effects of Globalization on Implementation of Collective Human Rights, Cultural and Political Rights According to an Iraqi Constitution of 2005 AD Dr. Ammar Mohsen Alwan Al-Sultani 01-23
2 The Risk-Taking Behavior of Iraqi Premier League Soccer Players and its Relationship to Different Playing Positions Dr. Haider Karim Saeed 24-33
3 Supply Chain Practices in the Extent of Retailer-Supplier Integration Atul Chaturvedi, Dr. Sujay Madhukar Khadilkar 34-39
4 Working Strategies of Good Distribution Practices (GDP) of Automobile Industries and Pharmaceutical Industries Vishnu Shukla, Dr Sujay Madhukar Khadilkar 40-45
5 The Russian-Ukrainian Crisis and its Repercussions on the Prospects for the Global Economy, with a Reference to Iraq Sultan Jasem Alnasrawi 46-69
6 Technology Transfer and its Role in Anti Money Laundering System go-AML a Model Maytham Abdulridha Kareem 70-78
7 Impact of Indian Management Education in Developing Entrepreneurial Aspirations Sachit Chopra 79-84

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